Both Dr. McGraw and Dr. Finkenbinder enjoy treating patients with orthodontic problems because of the satisfaction they receive from transforming smiles that have crooked, misplaced or crowded teeth into smiles that are beautiful to look at and function correctly for the patient.

Dr. McGraw says that as a young man in dental school, he and his classmates were not taught much about orthodontic treatment. He found it extremely frustrating when parents of young patients asked him what was wrong with their child’s teeth and he would have to say, “ I don’t know, you’ll have to ask an orthodontist.”

Both Dr. McGraw and Dr. Finkenbinder realized the need to continue their education in the field of orthodontics and began taking the necessary courses. Dr. McGraw has been offering orthodontic treatment in his practice since 1984.

A two-part orthodontic approach using braces and craniofacial treatment provides orthodontic patients of all ages with optimal results. Busy parents appreciate that all of their children’s dental appointments – those for general dentistry and those for orthodontics – can be conveniently scheduled at the same time.


We use traditional braces with arch wires and brackets for the treatment of orthodontic problems. These appliances allow us to treat the most complicated cases as well as achieve the finely tuned adjustments necessary and obtain the predictable results we desire. These outcomes are not always achievable with the use of removable aligner type systems of tooth straightening. Generally, orthodontic treatment lasts as average of 12-18 months.

Craniofacial Treatment

While braces do a wonderful job of straightening teeth, it is sometimes necessary to use craniofacial appliances in conjunction with braces to achieve optimal results. Discrepancies in jaw development and upper palate width can be the root causes of crowded teeth resulting in bite irregularities known as overbite, overjet and underbite. When these situations occur, craniofacial treatment using alternate appliances is the treatment of choice.

Craniofacial treatment using a Schwarz Appliance and Palatal Expander is often indicated prior to the placement of braces, because it can significantly enhance and improve the alignment of the teeth. Braces may be prescribed after craniofacial appliance therapy for refinement of the tooth alignment.

Benefits of Choosing Our Dental Practice for Your Orthodontic Treatment

You Know and Trust Us

Traditionally, a dentist refers patients in need of orthodontic treatment to an orthodontist who works with the patient only for the length of the orthodontic treatment. At our office, our patients and their parents know and trust Dr. McGraw and Dr. Finkenbinder because they have seen to their dental needs for years.

Dr. McGraw and Dr. Finkenbinder monitor their patient’s oral health during orthodontic treatment and continue to provide superior general and preventive care at the end of the orthodontic treatment when the braces are removed and a beautifully transformed smile is revealed.

It’s Convenient 

Orthodontic and dental care under one roof means easier appointment scheduling for both busy parents and busy adult patients. For parents of young patients, it means that an appointment for a child in braces who needs an adjustment and an appointment for another child in the family who needs a dental cleaning and exam can be scheduled for the same day and time. For our orthodontic patients who are adults, only one appointment time is necessary for an adjustment and cleaning/checkup.

Braces Are Life-Changers

The difference that orthodontic treatment can make in a person’s life is very significant. Each of us wants to have a smile we can feel good about sharing with others. Crooked or misplaced teeth may negatively affect a person’s willingness to smile: they may try not to show their teeth when smiling or use their hand to “hide” their smile. Orthodontic treatment gives patients the freedom to share their beautiful smile at will. Truly, braces are life changers.